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Upgrade recruiting strategies / Marketing profiles

/ 01 Our Client context

Global Luxury player

For more than a century, in its various design studios and its numerous French workshops, this huge French luxury goods company has been creating ready-to-wear collections and iconic accessories that have enjoyed worldwide success.

/ 02 The meeting & the project

Cursor on product direction

In constant growth, this company, whose reputation is among the most prestigious and innovative in the world, is constantly challenging its talent acquisition processes to continue to identify and recruit the best Candidates.

The idea was to envisage an approach that would complement their current internal strategies on Product & Collection Marketing populations, by putting through our search firm, a cursor more oriented towards “strong product convictions”, legitimacy / creativity and less “academic” classic.

/ 03 Our support for this mission


Upstream, we carried out an in-depth audit of the internal processes for talent acquisition on the marketing populations led by the company. It turns out that with highly developed HR teams, the strategies for identifying and monitoring candidates were multiple and elaborate and many processes had been put in place. We then proposed additional support, and conducted several parallel projects to make it relevant.


1) Analysis of internal data: An exhaustive study of the marketing profiles already on our client’s radar, it was unthinkable that we would jeopardize the candidate experience by approaching talents already in contact with the HR teams. It was also important for us to understand the expectations and the history of the actions taken.


2) Creation of a selection exercise: Our custom-designed project on which we were going to brief the finalist Candidates to challenge them creatively on the product.


3) Identification: Once the talent data had been analyzed and our project had been designed, we carried out an identification exercise to complement the work we had started internally to find new Candidates.


4) Recruitment mission by direct approach: we conducted on the talents resulting from our identification.


5) Analysis report: A tool that can be deployed internally for HR teams – the delivery of a complete report on the data resulting from this assignment and the talents to be monitored.

/ 04 The result

A new internal tool and new talents recruited

More than 900 talents screened and analyzed / 3 talents recruited and a renewed collaboration for a new mission just a few weeks after the end of this first project.

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